What kind of test should I use?

I have 50 test items for 1000 students, each student answered 30 of them. I would like to find out whether the rate of correctness of items is different for students in 3 programmes, further I want to group the items favourable for each programme.

Items are scored by 0 (wrong), 1 (partially correct) and 2 (correct), therefore the scores are in ordinal scale.

Is there any statistic test that I can use?
Thank you very much for your reply.

However, Kruskal-wallis will not help me to group items according to different programmes. Since I have 50 items, I want to find out whether some of them are more favourable for a specific programme compare to other programmes. If I do Kruskal-wallis for each items, the only thing I can find would be difference between programmes.