What regression model should I use?


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I am currently a student and haven't taken statistics in a long time, so keep that in mind!

1) I am unsure if my dependent variable is categorical or ordinal. It is a scaled intensity score ranging from 0-4. My professor has told me it is categorical, but I feel like maybe it is ordinal because a value of 4 is more important to my study than a value of 0, so rank matters.

2) I am unsure of which regression model to use. I realize this depends upon the type of DV I have, and I need to determine that first. All of that said, I have 6 independent variables and 5 of them are binary and one is continuous. Can I can use logit?

Thank you so much in advance... I have been looking for the answer to this all day and even busted out my 10 year old stats book.


1) It sounds to me that you're ordinal but maybe you should ask your prof to explain why and have this discussion with them.
2) The answer to this depends on many things but the first thing I'd ask is what is your sample size? Then I'd ask what is your research question?