What regression use for lingitudinal study?

Hi, I conducted a longitudinal study (2 waves, 1st wave was in March 2019, and 2nd 6 months later) and wanted to ask how to analyze the data in SPSS using dependant variable in Time 2, controlled variable in Time 1, and predictor? I want to analyze the relationships between 4 variables and 2 other variables, in both waves of the study. Later I would like to create a cross-lagged panel analysis (I use SPSS). I have tried hierarchical regression and mixed models but it seems incorrect (In first I don't see where to write down the controlled variable, and mixed models are more similar to t-student analyzis than to regression). What is the exact name of the regression analysis I should use? I would be more than grateful for support as I feel completely lost in the regression topic and couldn't find any practical explanation how to run the analysis.
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There are time series regression, ARDL, vector auto regressive models etc, but they are very complex (I have spent years working with them on and off and still don't understand them). You might also look at panel regression, not sure if that would be useful or not.

Which is not SPSS but I think does get at what you want to know.