What statistical test should I run Study 3

Research Question: With the increasing distance between Monsters' eyes and the centre of the face, the amplitude of viewers' saccades should increase as well, as viewers would move their eyes back and forth between eyes and face.

Aim: Analyze the mean saccade amplitude (averaged across all 20 participants in the Monster condition) the 36 Monster images collected in Study 1. The researchers investigated how viewers mean saccade amplitude might be predicated by the distance between the eyes and the centre of the face, the luminance contrast of the eye area, and the likability of the images altogether.

  • Between-subjects design Distance between eyes and face (measured in degrees of visual angles)
  • Luminance contrast of the eyes (measure in %)
  • Likability of Monster images were rated by 20 extra participants on a 0-10 scale (higher score indicates higher likeability)
1 IV:

5 conditions IVs: (Run on STATA)
Avgsac = the average saccade amplitude (measured in degrees of visual angle)
Dist = the distance between the eyes and centre face
Lumn = the luminance contrast of eyes
Like = the likability of the Monster images