What statistical tests to use? - advice please

Hi all

I am working on a project looking at ADHD in a large sample of adolescents. I am looking to investigate whether there are any differences between those in my sample who have previously had a diagnosis of ADHD and those who have not, on various ADHD rating scales.

The rating scales are predominately nominal variables, with one being a scale variable. I am looking to use SPSS to run my tests.

So far, I have completed independent t-tests, but wondered if there were any other (more relevant or sophisticated) statistical tests that you could recommend?

Thanks :)
Thanks for your reply. Yes I have had a look, however they do not provide any specifics on analysis of the data. I suppose I'm just looking to double check that a t-test is appropriate for use in this case, as it has been a few years since I studied research methods/analysis at university.