What stats to use?


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Hi everyone,
iam doing a project on fish catches and i was wondering if there was any stats i could use.
iam looking at catches (both net and rod) monthly and yearly totals
both for salmon and sea trout for 5 different rivers
then i also look at water conditions

salmon(net) salmon(rod) strout(net) strout(rod) ph
Jan 5 6 12 20 7
feb 4 6 15 18 7.2

any help wouldbe great.
thank you Gary

Welcome to the forum. You can first try plotting the data, for example species vs month, and visualize any trend. If you have a research question or hypothesis, you may want to get summary statistics like the mean and standard deviation and do some tests.


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Be careful to take into account the actual population size (if available; if not, you should estimate it) of each species of fish - the changes or differences in "number caught" may be due to method (net vs. rod), but they may also be due to changes in the size of the underlying population.

Like Jin said - before you do any real "analysis," plot the data and try to formulate some theories/hypotheses in your mind.