What test to use/how to use spss

I am currently researching The Moderating Effect of Y on the Relationship between X and Y.
(1 continuous independent variable, 1 continuous moderator variable, 1 continuous dependent variable)
However, I am wondering (and have looked but couldn't find)
I) What the name is of the statistical test (linear regression?)
II) How I can use SPSS to test this relationship (all examples/yt tutorials can only find examples without a continuous moderator)


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You use t-test to decide on potential statistical significance of interaction X * Moderator in the linear regression

Dependent Variable = B0 + B1 * X + B2 * Moderator + B3 * X * Moderator + epsilon.


Analyze -----> Regression -----> Linear.

This is conditional on either residuals being normal or the sample size being substantial.
I am new to SPSS, and I am not sure, which method to use, so I need a bit of help too :)

So I have the LEGO case, and I would like to find out, how many % of unique bricks, produced in the period 1997-2005 were used in only one set.

And second, I would like to find the correlation between the number of bricks produced and the profit loss, in the same period as mentioned above.
I know, that in these years, LEGO had profit loss, because of higher expenses for producing so many unique parts.

I have data prepared, but I do not know how to use it :)
So I have the following variables:
- part_ID (unique element id)
- Year (in which year unique part was introduced in)
- In_sets (in how may sets unique part was used)
- profit (profit by year)

Thank you in advance!