What type of test to use? (Averages of averages?)

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to decide what would be the best test to use. I have a survey made up of 40 items. Each item was a word for a profession, and participants were asked to rate how well they thought of them, from 1 to 5. Half of were new and half were old professions. I also asked if they thought it was new or old, in yes/no form.

I would like to check
(1) Do participants rate the new or old professions more positively?
(2) Do participants rate the professions more positively if they thought it was new?

In regards to (1), I think I could do a factor analysis to check whether the new and old professions group together. However, is there an easier way to compare and combine the average ratings of the new and old professions across participants?

In regards to (2), I calculated the correlation between thinking it was old/new and the rating they gave it for each individual, but I’m less certain how to compare the correlation between participants: Would it be appropriate to look at the average here?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.