which sampling methods-reply ASAP

which sampling method? (remember to post your reason why!)

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For some statistics course work, I am investigating two hypothesis', and I am not sure which sampling method I should use. They hypothesis' are: the accuracy of estimations of the size of an angle is more accurate when on white paper with black lines, and The accuracy of an estimation of the size of an angle is more accurate in students that are in GCSE maths education as apposed to KS3 education. My problem is that I can only use strata, systematic, quota, or cluster sampling. Baring in mind that my population is an all girls school, years 7-11, and that I will have to take out a mathematics class in year 10 due to it studying statistics, I would really appreciate some help. The reason that this would be the best sampling techniques would also be appreciated. ;););)


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How many students are in GCSE maths education? Is there just a few or are about half the students in this group? Do you have to sample, why can't you just examine everyone? I would probably go strata.

Definitely not quota.
um, well there is about 20 of us, there is about 150 students per year, so thats 300 students in KS4-stats group, and 450 students in ks3. However, that it the girls school, the boys' survey will be sent to the local boys grammar :/