which statistical analysis is suitable for this study?

Hi guys,

Briefly describing the study:

- 1 IV with three levels (boring, neutral, & fun condition)
- 3 DV's (time perception, task rating, mood)
- Each subject takes part in only one of the three conditions (between subjects)

What I'm confused with is whether this is a mixed design or a between subjects design & what analysis to use?:confused::confused:

The participants do a boring, neutral, or fun task and then they estimate how much time the task took, their mood before and after the task is also measured (ie good, bad, & neutral).
So, we are comparing the time estimations in the three conditions (ie task rating vs time estimation - did the subjects who rated the task as boring give higher time estimations compared to the fun task subjects....) & we are comparing their mood with their time estimations (ie did they give higher estimations if they were in a bad mood?)

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Not clear what you mean by "time estimations". Please describe the experiment chronologically. Then state your research questions as separate bullet points.