Which test to be used?

Hi everybody,

I need to analyze possible differences in the invertebrates populations living in 3 different environmental treatments (3 plus 3 replica). A subsample containing invertebrates species is taken every week for a total of 10 sampling events. Therefore 10 invertebrates populations for each treatment (60 in total). Each population is made by a series of different species therefore is not a single value but a series of values (e.g. 7 species with relative abundance). Additionally I also have environmental measurements for each treatment such as temperature and altitude.

I believe it is a nested design therefore I could use a nested Anova or GLM, but how do I imput the data? Shall I just consider the total sum of all species measurements at the end of the experiment or I can use weekly sampling values as well? In any case I dont know how to make a table with all species found every week. Not sure if I have described my case clearly, but I am trying...

A 1000 thanks for any answer :)

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