Would you please help me to write the R program for my weather data


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Hello guys!

I tried many times to write program in R for getting weekly average temperature for the year 2014. What I have in the excel sheet is daily temperature for a period of a year which I need to average for each 7 days. As I am working with large volume of data set, its hard to do manually. Can you please give me idea to write program in this situation? Thanks for your kind help!


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can you share the code you tried and failed with?
Dear trinker,

Thanks for your response. Actually I am the beginner of R-Language. I am currently taking courses of R-programming from coursera. Hope this will be helpful. My codes are not working, anyway. I like the quote you mentioned. Thank you.


My codes are not working, anyway.
Yes but it tells us 2 things:

(1) is this person actually trying to learn and can't get past some hump or are they trying to get someone to do their homework for them or just get free code
(2) it tells us precisely what you aren't getting. The greatest tool a teacher has is the mistakes of the student. It helps the teacher learn what the student is not understanding and allows for a faster correcting. That's the best form of learning in my opinion.