YouTube Trending Analysis/Statistics

Hey All,

I have information on a multiple YouTube channels. The information collected for each users channel is:
channel name | the date/day | the number of subscriber on the day | number of videos on the day | a yes/no variable for if they have a video trending on that day.

I want to see what kind of impact having a trending video on a certain day has on the number of subscribers the channel has. I want to see if there is a difference in growth in subscribers between the days where the channel didn't have a video on trending VS. the days where the trending channel had a trending video.

My main outcome is I want to see if having a video trending causes significantly more subscriber growth for a channel around the time its trending.

Any advice on which analytical/statistical test should be conducted?

I'd greatly appreciate any help on this. I'm unsure if my data is even appropriate for what I'm trying to investigate.